About Millville

The city of Millville started in 1801 as a new township. Originally named in the 1790's from the numerous mills and factories that were planned for the site.

We are growing our community!

The city of Millville was incorporated as a city by an act of the state legislature in 1866 and operated under the Mayor -Council form of government until 1913. The mayor was elected by the people. In 1923, the Walsh Act was passed and the city began its present commission form of government.

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The city of Millville is committed to revitalizing its downtown. The Main Street Program builds on the city's accomplishments and jump starts a new beginning for the community. The city of Millville historically has been quite successful with its revitalization efforts. Over the past five years it has partnered with a variety of influential cultural organizations such as the Millville Development Corporation, the Riverfront Center for the Arts and many interested business owners and residents.